Pre, Peri & Postnatal Exercise, Nutrition & Doula Services


My mission as a fertility, pregnancy, perinatal, birth and postpartum wellness professional is to empower my clients to ask the questions necessary to make informed decisions about exercise, nutrition, treatments and protocols in order to experience pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood free from surprises and confusion and enriched with education and clarity.  Pregnant people should feel like queens and sole owners of their bodies, their pregnancies and their births.  My job is to make sure this is the reality for my clients.  I vow to approach this journey with a completely open heart. 
I intend to provide judgment-free physical, emotional and educational support during pregnancy, during the perinatal period, during labor and birth, during the postpartum phase and throughout the endless journey of womanhood and motherhood.  I promise to listen, to keep an open mind and to serve and guide with gentleness, honesty, empathy and compassion always.  My clients’ wishes, visions, needs, safety, autonomy and happiness are my top priorities.  Everyone deserves to be heard as they navigate the magnificent transformation into motherhood, and I am here to listen.  I am here to learn.  I work for you.
I value empathy, compassion, equity, dedication, enthusiasm, authenticity, loyalty, education, transparency, honesty, communication, empowerment, health, movement, self care, hard work, gentleness, kindness and love above all.